Tips to Choosing a Great Cake for your Wedding Day

wedding cake in LondonThis is indeed a yummy job to spend time at a cake designer, sample various cake flavors and choose from an entire spectrum of frosting colors. To ensure that your wedding cake in London is really good, follow these great tips.

Do your Research
As a bride-to-be, you should start with online research. You should browse through various websites to get genuine testimonials from other couples. Then you should check out bakery’s website to get an idea of their past cake decorations. If the web photos aren’t too good, it is quite likely that their work is not at par too. You are better off ordering at a bakery that has a wide variety of cakes on offer and also has multiple positive credentials from other married couples.
Next, go to the bakery yourself and meet the staff in person. It’s essential that when you leave the bakery, you already have a hand drawn or a computer rendered picture of the cake so that you get no shocks at a later stage. If the bakery staff makes you uncomfortable, you won’t like your cake either. Most wedding cake specialized bakeries have dedicated guest relation personnel and a demarcated consultation area for one-to-one discussion on wedding cake designs. If the bakery representative fails to impress you, you need to go to another bakery. In this matter the one shop Sweet Hollywood will certainly give you the best that you had been looking for all the while.
What are your Options?

Most cake designers exhibit their cake styles on their websites; you can also call up to get an idea of whether you’ll like their work. Ask them about their style- traditional, elegant, modern, whimsical or intricate.  Also remember to ask for an estimate of price range per guest. Then as per your shortlist, you should interview two to three bakers like sweet Hollywood, the bespoke cake company.
In your first meeting, go through the cake designer’s work portfolio, and cross-check specific details like intricate sugar flowers etc. as per your wish list. Confirm whether these are part of his or her body of work. If not, is there versatility and innovational spirit in the work? Do they have the resources and background to undertake your project and deliver it to your satisfaction? Smaller bakeries may lack the manpower or the skills to create the large sized and complicated geometrical structures that bigger bakeries can handle.
Don’t Forget to Check the Taste of your to-be Wedding Cake
Go for a wedding cake in London tasting session before ordering the cake. If the cake contains more than one flavors, make sure you taste all, even the common ones such as chocolate, strawberry etc. Be sure to taste it all yourself.
It may be a good idea to avoid the more exotic flavors. A competent bakery can deliver a delicious vanilla cake, whereas exotic flavors sometimes do not jell with guests who may not recognize or like the flavor Mistakes to Avoid There are a couple of things you must never ever do,

if you want a custom wedding cake-
The first mistake is delay in finalizing design and ordering the cake till the last minute. Usually, the balkeries have their personalised cakes orders planned weeks ahead as special ingredients and unique decorations may have to be procured, and if there is any experimentation involved, it can take considerable preparatory time.
Another common mistake is getting too many people involved in advising. Many brides get baffled if they receive too many varied opinions from different people. Visit your chosen bakery with just your closest one and select the cake for your D-day. After all, choosing your wedding cake is your privilege as the bride.


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