Soda Blasting Sydney: Safest Way to Remove the Damaged Paint from Walls


Do you know soda blasting is the most effective way to remove the old and damaged color of your wall? It’s an environment friendly and harmless way to clean any surface. Soda blasting can be used in any type of industries because it’s safe and hasn’t any bad effect. Soda blasting is the best option to clean wood, glass, plastic material, masonry, rubber, fiber glass and metals. It saves your energy and money as the preparation and cleaning processes are very easy. It also prevents downtime because it is the quickest and fastest way to clean any surfaces. You can find many companies that have specialization in soda blasting Sydney.

Before you apply it, it’s very important to know actually what soda blasting is and for which purpose you can use it. Soda blasting materials are formulated by non-toxic and non-abrasive material and 100% water soluble cleaning products which have not any harmful side effects. It is also a great option to remove paint, soot, dirt and grease from any type of surface. The inception of the soda blasting has a significant history. In 1972, the new process was discovered to clean the ‘statue of Liberty’. The soda blasting process can be used for various purposes:

•To remove the Graffiti and Paint
•Paint stripping Sydney specially for automotive and cars
•Maintenance and paint removal of buildings and constructions
•To clean the flood and fire damages
•To remove harmful smells
•To clean the food and manufacturing equipment
•To clean the costly machineries
•To clean public properties
•Swimming Pool renovation

Soda blasting produces sodium bi carbonate particles with compressed air to clean the surface. The process helps to remove the paints completely and any type of stains without any damage or effect. The soda blasting process is certified by the United States Department of Agriculture and Food & Drug Administration.

There are some huge differences between other chemical cleaning processes and soda blasting. Chemical cleaning or sand blasting are toxic, slow and rough which can damage the original look of the surface, but soda blasting is proved as the fast and environment friendly product. The process is very effective for flood damage removal Sydney. Not only flood, even fire and smoke damage can be removed by Soda Blasting Services in Sydney.  It can create some noise as the large compressor forces low pressure air and media has small exit, so ear protection will be needed for operators and other people who are present in the area.

Generally the companies charge for the soda blasting at an hourly rate. The charges depend on the size of the marine vessel, preparation and the cleaning duration. All over the process is very cost-effective and appropriate for your budget. The time depends on the requirement and the size of the job but it’s proved that it requires very nominal time.

If you can’t still decide that which process will be perfect to clean the traditional furniture of your ancestral house, you can try soda blasting without any doubt. There is no fear of any harm or damage.


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