Removable Bollards And Their Advantages- Various Types And Uses

Bollards Perth Looking for a way to expand an entrance or for that matter, create an emergency entrance or just hike the security quotient of a parking lot? If so, making use of bollard can be exactly what you need to do. As far as bollards are concerned, there are quite a number of options available in the market. However, the retractable or the removable ones are the most popular one as far as its functionality is concerned. This is because of their portability, and can be moved from one location to another depending on the requirement. Mostly used for temporary access area and emergency situations, you can easily create an emergency entrance in an area where you want to keep the rest of the vehicles away. Want to know further on these bollards and how they help you? If so read on this post further.

Varieties of Bollards:

There are quite a number of bollard variants available with reputed suppliers of Bollards in Perth, and few of them are as follows:

  • Fixed or permanent bollard: There are two types of these bollards namely surface mounts and in ground fixed.
  • Retractable bollards: Retractable bollards in Perth are either automatic working on electricity or manual.
  • Removable bollards: Pretty much like fixed ones, removable bollards too are available in surface mounts and ground types.
  • Custom bollards: These bollards are specifically designed keeping your requirements in mind.
  • Automatic bollards: Automatic bollards work on remote control service as well as road loop mechanism.
  • Mining bollards: These bollards are mostly used in mining areas while working with heavy duty vehicles.
  • Parking bollards: These are usually in black and yellow, dome topped or flat.
  • Traffic bollard: Similar to parking bollards.

Now, although Removable Bollards in Perth have grown in popularity because of the very fact that they can be removed from one place to another, nonetheless you might wonder, what is any random person just picks them up and removes them. Where is here in lies the trick, although removable, they cannot really be removed by one and all, such is the design. Any unauthorized removal is pretty much impossible. Hence, flexibility of moving is best-achieved from these removable bollards.

Another great advantage of them is that the initial cost is much lesser than that of the permanent bollards. Between the two variants of removable bollards the surface mounted one, can be locked on the concrete while sub mounted one is equipped with ground socket, and thus embedded carefully on the ground. Steel bollards in Perth are more durable than any other material type, and if used as the parking bollards in Perth, it adds to the aesthetic appeal as well as the value of the installed area. Mostly the parking bollards are found in the yellow and black variant, and can be flat as well dome topped.  Its maintenance is also comparatively hassle-free and stays well for quite a long amount of time. Thus, cater to your security needs as well as give the area a modern look with removable stainless steel bollards. Always source the best quality bollards from a reliable manufacturer like Bollards Perth.