Various Types of Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cakes LondonWedding is an important day in the lives of two people, and it is important that everything goes according to plan. A vital part of the plan is selecting a good wedding cake. There are plenty of varieties that you can choose from. All you need is a good company that would take your order and deliver on the day of the wedding. To get an overview of the companies that take orders for wedding cakes, you can search online with wedding cakes in London and get in touch with the companies. If the company has a website, you can go through the list of cakes they have already produced and what they can produce. Accordingly, you can order one for your wedding. With the online facilities, you can also know the price that you have to pay for a particular cake. If you go for popularity, then you can choose from the array of chocolate cakes and white cakes. On the other hand, if you are more interested in the flavor, then you can choose from frosted cakes, cupcakes, individual cakes and the traditional wedding cakes.

If you are thinking of ordering traditional wedding cakes, then always remember that they look the best with smooth fondant icing or royal icing. Royal icing will offer better flexibility with the design. Fruitcakes have always been the most popular amongst all the traditional wedding cakes. So, you can choose a delicious looking fruit cake for your wedding. These cakes normally have a layer of marzipan under the fondant icing. Whenever you are placing an order for your wedding cake, always remember to add as much detail as possible such as color of the cake and the theme of the wedding. This will help the makers to understand your idea better.

Chocolate wedding cakes are also very popular. Almost everyone loves chocolate and choosing a chocolate cake with careful handcrafted decorations can just be the best cake of the event. Bakers have a lot of skill and imagination, and they will ensure that the design is the best of the lot. You can have chocolate icing, drizzle, swirls or chocolate chips if you want. These will add to the overall decoration of the cake. It would be ideal to have more than one tier in the cake that you order. The cake can also be filled with various types of fillings such as chocolate chips, cream, raspberry and hazelnut. The decorations can be done with edible rose petals, crystal balls, ribbons, silk butterflies, flowers and fruits. As said earlier, the decoration will depend on what details you provide and also on the baker’s imagination and skill

Alternatively, you can also choose from the wide variety of wedding cupcakes. These can either be too dramatic or just simple enough to please the guests. There are different types of cupcakes that a couple can order such as rose cupcakes, lace wedding cupcakes, mint chocolate cupcakes, ice cream cupcakes and strawberry topped cupcakes. Every flavor would have a different price because of its difference in taste. Sweet Hollywood is one of the best companies involved in baking wedding cakes. You can always contact them for cakes on your wedding.


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