Protecting your Private Parking Space with Parking Bollards

parking bollards PerthCan you think of something more frustrating than coming home from a long day’s work and finding a stranger parked his car in your parking space? This is highly inconvenient and frustrating at the same time because the first thing that you want to do when you come home is relax and not involve in a quarrel with some stranger. There are parking issues all over the world, and this leaves limited parking space for all. Like you, others may also want that no one should park their car in their private space; be it in front of their house or at work.

There are few options in which you can overcome such a situation and deter people from using your private parking bay. One of the best ways to ensure that no one comes into your parking space is using parking bollards. This can be used outside your house and also outside the office building. The great thing about these bollards is that they do not occupy any space when they are not in use. They will spring out from the ground the moment you want to park your car in your allocated area. Whenever your vehicle will not be around, the bollards will be lowered, and when this happens, the whole thing goes undercover in a small visible hole. However, some of the bollards may also stick out from the ground even after being lowered. To get hold of such items, you can search parking bollards in Perth online. You can buy them from the online stores at great discounts, and they will be delivered at your doorstep.

While purchasing the bollards, you will have to measure the approximate clearance of the vehicle from the ground. The clearance between the posts and the vehicle will decide how the posts will be installed in the ground. In addition to this, it also influences the strength of the post. The best thing to do in this case would be to check the measurement of your car and get a measurement of how much space you want from the bollards, say a meter or two, like this. There are times when there are no feasible areas to secure your parking space. What will you do in that case? The best option would be to go for retractable bollards. These are portable bollards and can be lifted easily and shifted to a different place once you have parked the car. In a situation where you have wrongly parked your car, you can move the bollards easily and find another location to park your car. Retractable bollards are fixed by inserting spigot bases, ground sockets and sleeves, and there is no need to dick a hole in the ground to install them forever. They are meant to be transferable, and that is how they work. You can keep them safe with a secured locking mechanism. These are best for temporary parking spaces. You will need it often when you go shopping. If you are planning to buy parking bollards, then you can always check the website of Bollards Perth.


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